Zergratran Investor Q&A with Lucky Ofurum

Welcome to another Investor Q&A episode. Our guest this time is Zergratran Investor Lucky Ofurum.

Lucky and I spoke about his background, the Zergratran project, and his reasons for investing.

The Importance of a Stable and Sustainable Supply Chain

Lucky has an MBA from the University of South Wales. His international career has taken him from Nigeria, where he was born, through South Africa and the UK, to Dubai. Working for large Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies like Unilever, he knows all about the importance of a stable and sustainable supply chain.

Please enjoy my conversation with Lucky Ofurum.

About the author:

Martijn Graat

Martijn is Zergratran’s Head of Content. He writes about the latest trends and innovations in logistics and anything related to Zergratran