Zergratran’s Puerto International Las Americas (PILA) will be the world’s first fully sustainable, zero-emission solution for global shipping and transportation.

The PILA project adds a new container shipping route across the Central America region. It will be the focal point of a system wide efficiency upgrade that is driven by automation, containerization, digitization, technology and connections to neighboring port facilities. Entirely electric and non-polluting.


is that we are witnessing the unprecedented crisis in shipping and global trade.  World wide sea trade is experiencing rapidly growing demand, but is very stressed with increasing port congestions, prices​, shortages, and risks: e.g. the Ever Green incident in the Suez Canal. Many, including the G7 nations, are now predicting that the situation will take years of coordinated effort to sort out the problem. 


..is the current wait time for container ships to cross Panama Canal.


..of the world trade is carried by the sea and mostly between the North Atlantic and North Pacific.


..of all world trade can actually pass through the Panama Canal
(down from 5% ten years ago).


..of all global container traffic passes through Suez Canal.


..of shipping containers, after unloading, return to Asia empty.

World’s first
“Green Corridor”

Our “Green Gateway” will be the first “green corridor” in the World. Maglev system, used in speed trains, has already demonstrated the core components of safety, levitation, propulsion, stability, loading, and speed.

Components of the solution

Each shipment weighing over 100kg is sent by sea freight. Containers are designed and built ​for intermodal freight transport. This means they can be used across various transportation modes. They can travel from ship to rail to truck without unloading and reloading the cargo.

Our Atlantic port sorting robots will transfer freight from the ship to tunnel carriers. They will be pulled via Maglev and transported to the Pacific port (and vice versa), ​and onto the ships (or trucks) waiting to be loaded instead of traveling back empty.

Zergratran’s solution will move goods through a tunnel much faster and help tackle the dramatic growth in online shopping and freight traffic. 
This will increase profits and reduce the ocean and air pollution and sea congestions caused by an antiquated shipping approach

Maglev transportation is a system that employs a high-tech guideway, generating powerful magnetic forces that yield very high speeds and utilize very sophisticated electronic controls. As a sustainable transport start-up, we are developing ground-breaking technology designed to meet long-term sustainability goals and change the shipping industry forever.

Background image

Containerships waiting to enter The Panama Canal


a 16,000+ TEU container ship that can’t pass through the Panama Canal unloads at our North Pacific port. We transfer the containers across to our North Atlantic port in 30 minutes using an underground tunnel.

Containers can be loaded directly on ships on either side, whether that is a large container vessel transporting the containers to their final destination, or smaller regional ships.

Higher profitability.

Zergratran’s PILA solution allows for faster and more efficient distribution of containers. Once empty, ships delivering containers can be filled with containers from South America, thus creating more efficient shipping options  for manufacturers, freight forwarders, retailers, etc. and ultimately benefiting each of us as consumers by lowering the prices of the products we purchase.

Lower emissions.

Another huge benefit of this shipping model is that it shortens the length of time a container is on a ship. It drastically reduces the quantity of fuel used to move containers. Next to that: the Zergratran solution is zero-emission, further lowering the carbon footprint of supply chains using our solution.

A huge positive impact
across the global economy

These include increasing profits for small, medium and large sized businesses, to improving logistics and the efficiency of the entire supply chain.

Based on our research, PILA project will be contributing to the global supply chain and logistic profitability:

Reduce costs
in supply chain


Transporting goods via tunnel will help reduce supply chain costs. If those costs are reduced from 9% to 4% the profits can be doubled.

delivery times


By transporting goods via tunnel the delivery time will be shortened by approximately 10 days.

Business growth
on supply chain


Reliability (73%) and sustainability (69%) of moving goods via tunnel will ensure faster delivery (76%).

Higher ROI
increasing market


Global supply chain market value is expected to increase from $15.85 billion in 2019 to $37.41billion in 2027.

By expediting the supply chain and logistics, Zergratran has a huge investment potential for high ROI.

Growth along
market value


Transportation management systems are expected to increase from a market value of $120.70 billion in 2021 to a predicted $261.89 billion in 2028. By offering more efficient transportation management system via the tunnel, Zergratran has a potential to grow its value along with the market value.

Global Logistics Automation Market size was $50.9 billion and is expected to grow to $82.3 billion by 2026 – by using Maglev technology to transform logistics automation, Zergratran will grow together with the market.