We have successfully incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN Agenda 2030 into our business strategy.

We can provide the most significant impact on global sustainability through our partnerships and engagement with all stakeholders. Through these collaborations, we will be able to reinforce the importance of sustainability in every developmental stage.

By integrating new technology, involving emerging economies, and engaging in sustainable partnerships, we are achieving the most agile and successful balance between innovative value creation, stakeholder inclusiveness, and transparency.

The Main
Opportunity areas

We support the maritime industry to drive significant impact towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda as follows:


Valuable partnerships and collaboration with ESG-focused organizations.


Protecting and helping create a sustainable future for the ocean economy.


C​ollaboration with Government on true implementation of SDG.


Lead by example with accountable and responsible practices


Building sustainable infrastructure and supporting surrounding communities


Sustainable accountability


Sustainability as a
business strategy

We have successfully incorporated the following SDG’s defined by the UN Agenda 2030 into our business strategy.

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Rewarded with
two SDG awards

We are proud of our accomplishments already and receiving two SDG awards are the crown on our work.