Revolutionizing the Global Supply Chain: Byron Bennett on the Sound BITES Podcast

Our CEO, Byron Bennett, was recently invited to the Sound BITES Podcast to talk with hosts Lauren Taber and Derek Loyer. The podcast is centered around business, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and strategy. A perfect match, if you ask us…

From Jamaica to Colombia

In the episode, Byron talks about how his life started in Jamaica. After moving to Philadelphia and New York, he landed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You could say his next destination is Colombia, where we are launching our first project, creating a green shipping route for containers across (or actually under) the Northern Colombian rainforest.

He talks about the paradox of solving big problems, the challenges you face when you think outside the box, and the rough path that comes with ambitious goals. You could say he talks about what it means to have tunnel vision (pun intended).

They also touch upon the impact that local governments and Senators have, especially in controlling budgets that impact significant aspects of people’s lives. It is important to speak with politicians, but people should also realize that bureaucratic institutions stay, even as politicians change.

Tips on Entrepreneurship, Books, Podcasts, and Life

Byron also shows his personal side, talking about his favorite books (sci-fi, like the Foreigner series) and podcasts (like The Logistics of Logistics Podcast), but also giving advice to his younger self.

This episode provides a deep insight into Byron Bennett’s journey, his vision for Zergratran, and the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. It’s a blend of personal stories, business insights, and discussions on bureaucracy, politics, and the global supply chain.

Thank you, Lauren and Derek, for inviting Byron to your podcast.

You can watch (and listen to) the episode below:

Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

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