Revolutionizing Global Transportation: An Insightful Q&A with Professor Carlos D. Paternina-Arboleda

We recently held a Q&A with Zergratran Advisory Board Member Professor Carlos D. Paternina-Arboleda, an expert in supply chain analytics at San Diego State University.

Professor Paternina-Arboleda, originally from Colombia, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. His expertise in supply chain analytics and his work in the area of smart ports and sustainable port management makes him a valuable voice in the discussion of Zergratran’s projects.

During the Q&A, Carlos discusses his previous work in Colombia, where he was involved in research and industry projects related to port operations. He also talks about his work in the area of cargo attraction models, aimed at enhancing the capabilities of ports on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and building resilience.

Innovative Approaches to Shipping Containers

One of the key points of the discussion revolves around our project in North Columbia, known as PILA. This project involves building two ports on the Atlantic and Pacific sides and connecting them with a tunnel. We plan to use maglev technology to transfer containers through the tunnel.

Carlos expresses his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “This kind of project is the kind that would be able to prosper.” He also emphasizes the importance of environmental management, noting that the project’s design aims to protect the area’s surface water sources, underground water sources, and other natural resources.

Sustainability is of Vital Importance

Carlos emphasizes the project’s potential to improve efficiency in the shipping industry without disrupting existing ports. The Panama Canal is operating at max capacity, and many more ships would transit the Canal if they could. The PILA Project would be an alternative route for shipping containers across the South American continent.

His insights underscore the potential of the PILA Project to revolutionize the global transportation infrastructure system while prioritizing sustainability and social development.

The video below provides a comprehensive overview of our approach to addressing major marine trade choke points and upgrading the global transportation infrastructure system with zero emissions.

To learn more about Zergratran’s projects and Professor Paternina-Arboleda’s insights, watch the full video below:

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