A few of the maglev cargo transportation systems being built:
Magway, which also started with a crowdfunding campaign:

DP World Cargospeed

A few of the projects being built in the project area: Puerto marítimo entre China y Colombia

Los puertos de Urabá conectarán a Antioquia y Colombia con el mundo con el mundo

A Note on impact:
In addition to adding jobs, roads, telecom, and electricity to the region, we will have millions of tons of excavations to deal with. We will work with Verdes to build brick manufacturing plants and use our excavations to sell and provide bricks to the local community for housing, etc. Of note, we could provide enough bricks for houses to everyone in the region and still have most of it left over.

See what London did with the excavations from the Crossrail project:
Also, the region suffers from a lot of violence, human trafficking and rights abuses. We believe these issues will be reduced by our contributions, presence and the presence of military security.