Zergratran’s plan to create Puerto Internacional Las Americas (PILA) is an ambitious project to build a sustainable tunneling alternative to the Panama Canal across Northern Colombia and boost container trade to the US and import diversification to the Gulf and USEC ports. Our Business Plan and Reg D Deck can be accessed here. Please request access or contact byron@zergratran.com for the password.

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Make money while supporting a global solution

Zergratran offers a solution to the current crises and keep America competitive vs spending the money in higher prices resulting from higher transportation costs.

For angel investors, Zergratran presents an opportunity to invest in a project with potential for high returns, strategic global significance, and alignment with sustainable development goals. The plan’s focus on innovative technology and proactive risk management, combined with the urgent need for alternatives to the Panama Canal, makes it a potentially attractive investment.

1. Investment and Funding

Seeking to raise significant funds through share sales for prefeasibility studies, with potential for high returns from the project’s success.

2. Strategic Importance

Designed to alleviate the pressure on the Panama Canal, addressing issues like congestion and capacity reduction due to climate change.

3. Innovative Approach

The project proposes a zero-emission, high-speed transportation solution, utilizing cutting-edge technology like MagLev systems.

4. Long-term Revenue Potential

Estimates suggest substantial annual revenues from core operations, boosting investor returns.

5. Risk Management

The plan identifies and addresses key risks, including political, environmental, and execution challenges.

6. Global and Regional Impact

Aims to improve global transportation infrastructure, enhance supply chain reliability, and significantly impact regional development.