Investing in the Future: Revolutionary Sustainable Infrastructure Project Attracts Forward-Thinking Investors

In the North of Colombia, a transformative project is taking shape. We are creating the world’s first green corridor for shipping containers. A tunnel designed to expedite the shipping of goods between the North Atlantic and the North Pacific using magnetic levitation technology will create a zero-emission shipping route. Our project aims to revolutionize the logistics industry by offering faster, smarter, safer, and cheaper alternatives to existing shipping methods.

Investor Insights: Maduka Chidebelu-Eze and Hari Gopal

Recently, two investors, Maduka Chidebelu-Eze and Hari Gopal, shared their insights into why they chose to back our groundbreaking project. Their reasons provide a compelling case for why others should consider investing in our venture. Since joining us as investors, Maduka and Hari also joined our Board of Directors.

Maduka’s Perspective: Stimulating Economic Growth

Maduka, the Founder and CEO of Knnktor, has a history of involvement in various infrastructure projects in the telecommunications space. He quickly evaluated and joined the project due to its potential regional impact. Maduka sees the project as a significant opportunity to make a difference in emerging markets. He believes that by supporting Zergratran, investors can help stimulate economic growth and job creation in regions that need an infusion of foreign investment.

Hari’s View: Aligning Investment with Personal Values

Hari Gopal, General Manager of Kernel Technology Investments LLC, has a finance and corporate finance background. He was initially intrigued by the project’s unique proposition. As he delved deeper, he found that the project’s alignment with his personal values, particularly in terms of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, made it an attractive investment. Hari views his involvement in Zergratran as an impact investment that will not only yield financial returns but also contribute to climate change mitigation and socio-economic development in Colombia.

Confidence in Zergratran’s Team

Both investors acknowledged the project’s challenges, including its large scale, the need for advanced technology, and potential political risks. However, they expressed confidence in the Zergratran team’s ability to overcome these hurdles. The project is based on existing technology that is applied in new ways. Zergratran is engaging with world-class companies and working with experienced specialists in fields like magnetic levitation technology, tunneling, and large infrastructure project management experts. 

A Call to Potential Investors: Be Part of a Groundbreaking Sustainable Project

Investing in Zergratran is not just about financial returns; it’s about being part of a project that can transform an industry and significantly impact the environment and society. Investing in Zergratran is an opportunity to align financial goals with personal values and contribute to a project that promises to shape the future of logistics.

As we face the challenges of climate change and socio-economic disparities, investments like these are more than just financial decisions – they are a commitment to a better, more sustainable world.

To listen to or see the whole Q&A session thatwe had with Maduka and Hari, see the video below:

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