We intend to drastically bring down the shipping industry’s carbon footprint by creating an alternative zero-emission shipping route through a tunnel under Northern Colombia, parallel to the Panama Canal. The tunnel will shorten transit times, lower the number of miles ships need to travel and increase the efficiency of supply chains across the globe.

You can be part of it.

Current Challenges in Shipping

Too many ships, too little capacity

90% of trade goes by sea and mostly between the North Atlantic and North Pacific routes. However, only 3% can go directly between the two using the Panama Canal. In contrast, 15% goes through the Suez Canal. 

Large ships can’t pass Panama Canal

The maximum capacity for the Panama Canal is 16,000 TEU. Larger ships need to take the longer route around Chile or pass through the Suez Canal.

Zergratran offers a sustainable solution

Two fully automated ports

Located on Colombia’s Pacific and Atlantic Coast. Large ships can unload containers, which can be sorted to smaller regional ships on both sides, or another large ship on the other side

Innovative (un)loading solution

Fully automated for a fast turnaround for loading and unloading ships.

High-speed Maglev transportation

Transporting the containers from ship to ship through a tunnel connecting the ports.

Zero-emission shipping solution

A truly sustainable solution through the use of energy-efficient maglev systems and leveraging green energy sources like wind and solar.

Why you
should invest

Minimum investment: $500
Price per share: $5

Lower carbon footprint

Zergratran is developing a sustainable zero-emissions transportation solution. You will help lower the carbon footprint across global supply chains

Get involved in Zergratran

You will be actively involved, voting on shareholder decisions, and helping decide what the future of shipping will look like.

Profit from the revolution

While there are no guarantees, we expect liquidity within 12 months. You will receive one transferable container crossing for each $1000

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Offering Reg A

Investors in this Reg A round become Zergratran shareholders and get voting power on shareholder decisions.

As a thank you for supporting Zergratran and believing in our vision of a greener future for transportation, we offer you one transferable crossing for a container for every $1000 you invest in this round.

We expect liquidity after 12 months, with projected long term appreciation.

The subsequent investment rounds will be high-yield government backed bonds.

Use of funds

Zergratran received approval from Colombia’s National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) and the Ministry of Transportation to move forward with Pre-Feasibility and conditional approval for Feasibility.

This round of Reg A investments will be used to conclude the pre-feasibility studies and patent registrations.

We will add executives with mega project experience, add experienced advisors, form strategic partnerships with subcontractors and start engineering our maglev system and automated cranes.

Project phases

1. Pre-Feasibility

9-12 months, $5M-75M

2. Feasibility

12-18 months, $500M

3. Construction

6 years, $15B

The follow-on investments to conclude the feasibility and construction fases will be based on two high-yield government-backed bond rounds.

Revenue sources

Zergratran expects to generate revenues in diverse ways during and after the construction of the project.


Container, port and pipeline

Product sales

Brick, soil and

Energy sales

Hydroele​ctric and solar

Licencing fees

Crane and other technologies

Meet our heroes

Led by a visionary team of engineers, specialists and supply chain experts