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Transportation Company

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Who we are

Zergratran develops and manages ESG and technology focused infrastructure projects around the world that will boost the efficiency of the global shipping and transportation system. It will start with Puerto International Las Americas (PILA) in northern Colombia, which will use an underground tunnel to transfer shipping containers between ports on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The Problem

The problem. Global sea trade experiencing rapidly growing demand, but very stressed with increasing port congestion, prices, shortages, and risks: e.g. the Ever Green incident in the Suez Canal. Many, including the G7 nations, are now predicting that the situation will take years of coordinated effort to sort out.

The Solution

Our Solution is PILA. PILA will add a new container shipping route across the Central America region and be the focal point of a system wide efficiently upgrade that is driven by automation, containerization, digitization, technology and connections to neighboring port facilities.


Imagine a 13,000+ TEU container ship that can’t pass through the Panama Canal unloads at our Pacific port. We transfer the containers across to our Atlantic port in minutes using an underground tunnel. Waiting regional ships distribute the containers onward to the US gulf and eastern ports and Europe. More containers would be better dispersed and distributed and reach their final destinations faster. And, the ships that now return west to Asia mostly empty, can do so filled with fresh loads from South America and greater profitability.


PILA will be built in three phases: Pre-Feasibility about 9 –12 months; Feasibility about 12 –18 months; and, Construction about 6 years. PILA will utilize existing technologies including port automated port systems, tunnel boring machines, maglev, rail, untethered robot cranes, container scanning, clean energy power generation, battery storage, etc. Zergratran already has approval from The National Infrastructure Agency Of Colombia ANI to move forward with Pre-Feasibility and conditional approval for Feasibility. Annual revenues of $3 Billion plus will come from container, port, and pipeline fees; brick, excavations, minerals and water sales; and hydroelectric, solar and wind energy electricity sales.

Phase 1

To fund Phase one, we are seeking $100,000 in angel capital to complete a Regulation A equity crowdfunding offering. The offering will solicit $10 million plus in operating capital in exchange for about 20% in stock. The proceeds from the offering will be used to continue the process and complete project planning, financial modeling, defining externalities, adding technology details and completing the Pre-Feasibility submission requirements

Phase 2

Phase two will require $500 Million in financing. We will look to sell high yield government backed bonds with an 18% coupon over 25 years plus pro-rata dividend based on profitability.

Phase 3

Phase three will require $15 Billion in financing and the sale of additional bonds.

Why Us?

Our unique solution and what we have achieved so far, our overall experience, country permissions and government backing, site knowledge, academic studies, and government and social relations leave us as the only one ready to move forward now.


December 2021

Finalist at the SDG Awards

August 2021

Finalist at the EU Tech Investor Forum (about 3:35)

August 2021

July 2021

EU Tech Chamber releases Zergratran Tech Flash

June 2021

Zergratran joins the EU Tech Chamber

August 2021

March 2021

The Proyecta Consulting team switch from independent contractors to members of the Zergratran team


20 August

Changed project name from Tunel De Las Americas to Puerto
International Las Americas; based on feedback

20 August


November 2019

ANI approves petition to do Pre-feasibility and gives conditional approval to move forward with Feasibility.

October 2019

Petitioned ANI for permission to move forward with Pre-feasibility

October 2019


Launched our company on May 2019

our effort to build Zergratran and Tunel De Las Americas

For additional information, contact; register for advance notice of our Reg A equity crowdfunding offering,; or follow Zergratran on LinkedIn