Colombia: Autopista al Mar 2 – Enabling Economic Growth

The government of Colombia is seriously upgrading its infrastructure to further develop its position in the region as a hub for production and trade. One of the most interesting projects is a remarkable infrastructure project called Autopista al Mar 2. This ambitious initiative aims to strengthen the country’s transportation network and foster regional integration by improving maritime connectivity along its Pacific coastline.

Road to Growth

The Autopista al Mar 2 is part of a larger project developing a robust and efficient maritime transportation corridor along Colombia’s Pacific coast. It involves constructing and modernizing port facilities, improving navigability in strategic waterways, and optimizing logistical operations. These advancements will significantly enhance connectivity between Colombia and its neighboring countries in the Pacific, as well as with major international trade routes. The Autopista al Mar is a new road connecting the Caribbean to the Pacific coast. Part 2 of the project has around 160 miles (254 km) of highway, including 11 miles of single carriageway, 63 bridges, and 14 tunnels, including the Fuemia tunnel and two false tunnels. 

Zergratran’s Puerto Internacional de las Americas (PILA) Project, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to move containers via a tunnel, is an important addition to these developments. The two new ports and the tunnel, combined with the new roads and upgraded railway system, will increase the flow of goods into and out of the region.

Infrastructure Upgrades

The Autopista al Mar 2 project will drive significant economic growth by bolstering Colombia’s trade capabilities. It will streamline cargo movements and reduce transportation costs—enhanced connectivity between maritime and land transportation modes is crucial.

As Colombia positions itself as a strategic hub for international commerce, the Autopista al Mar 2 project stands as a testament to the country. We can’t wait to start developing our PILA project to enhance Colombia’s position further while simultaneously bringing down the global footprint of international trade.

The video below by CHEC gives an overview of the newly built Autopista al Mar.

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