Byron Bennett on the Does Logistics Matter? Podcast

Before joining the Zegratran team as Head of Content, I spoke to Zergratran Founder and CEO Byron Bennett on my Does Logistics Matter? Podcast.

In this episode, Byron talks about:

  • The current challenges in ocean freight and the bottlenecks in the global trade flows
  • Why we need an alternative, or better said, additional shipping route next to the Panama Canal
  • How his passion for magnetic levitation and optimising supply chains come together in this project
  • The two new fully automated ports Zergratran wants to build on both sides of Colombia

One of the great things about hosting a podcast is that I get to talk to people from the logistics industry about their passion, and when the subject is zero gravity and zero-emission, Byron is right where he wants to be.

Please enjoy my conversation with Zergratran Founder and CEO Byron Bennett.

About the author:

Martijn Graat

Martijn Graat is Zergratran’s Head of Content. He writes about trends and innovations in supply chain and logistics, anything related to Zergratran