Nirmal Paudel

Technology Senior VP

Nirmal is a senior Consulting R&D Engineer and Maglev specialist currently with ABB. He is an innovative and design-driven researcher with over eight years of experience developing new analytic and FEA electromagnetic and Multiphysics models of motors, generators, transformers, magnetic gears, power inductors, electromagnetic actuators etc.
He has manage R&D project- perform activities such as plan, budget, prototype, test, design, and coordinate associated activities up to including the product delivery for manufacturing. He is an experienced professional with demonstrated expertise in consulting, technical support and developing proof-of-concept models in the area of electromagnetics, heat transfer, structural mechanics and fluid flow for clients. He has hands-on experience in designing and developing laboratory scale Electromagnetic Wheel Maglev vehicle and validating against analytic and FEA models.

Nirmal has extensive experience in conducting trainings, seminars and presentations to both large and small groups and ability to work and communicate in an inter-disciplinary medium.

His specialties are: Modeling of Electromagnetic Devices, Electric Machine Design and Control, Dynamic Modeling in MATLAB/Simulink Environments, Multi-physics Modeling and Simulation Using FEA/COMSOL, Magnetic Levitation (Maglev).