Luis Florez

Senior VP
Professional in Chemical Engineering, with 40 years of general experience in the Oil & Gas Industry, with emphasis on Project Management, 25 years of specific experience and, within it, ample knowledge and management of and within it extensive knowledge and handling of Human Talent Management and Contract Management.Contractual Management. I have participated in technical expertise for several companies, as support to their groups of lawyers, in litigation for breach of contract. Technical Expert for Proyecta Consulting: Participation in the development of Technical Expert Reports in different Arbitration processes. Study and  analysis of the pre-contractual and contractual documentation of the liquidation and post-liquidation period and of the facts and circumstances that arose within the development of the Contract. To make observations to the answers given to the questions formulated by the Expert Witnesses.
Achievements: Produce the Expert Opinions within the term the Client requires, providing our experience and knowledge in Project Management and Contractual Management. Expertise performed: Contradictory Technical Expertise within the process of Arbitration Tribunal between the Consortium, Technical Expertise within the process of Arbitration Tribunal between Consorcio Menegua; Technical Expertise for Gomez Pinzon Abogados – Reficar.
He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Fundación Universidad de América.