Javier Mauricio Leon Ortega

VP Business Development
Engineer with extensive experience in valuation, evaluation, and management of environmental, social, regulatory, and economic externalities, articulated with the proper project management schemes and technical engineering needs .A Strategy consultant who supports the articulation of project management models with technical, financial, economic, and sustainable development variables to achieve comprehensive plans.Global analysis of financial and economic models generating a comprehensive scheme with key variables such as: technical needs, project management models, financial results, environmental analysis, participatory design to reduce social risks, country development models, risks and opportunities associated with compliance of the sustainable development goals: Experience in Colombia, Bahamas, United States, Mexico, China, Peru, Uganda, and Azerbaijan. Speaker in the areas of Energy Management, Models of management and evaluation of projects under uncertainty and volatility.
He holds a Masters Degree in Project Management at the Universidad de León in Spain, a Master in Corporate Finance at CESA and a Master in Administration (Columbia
University 2019, SIPA, New York).