Zergratran is an impact-driven company that uses emerging technologies to revolutionize the future of logistics as well as leverage its global economic and environmental impact.

We develop and manage ESG and technology focused infrastructure projects that will boost efficiency of the global shipping and transportation system. It all starts with PILA – Puerto International Las Americas.

The team

Meet our heroes

Led by a visionary team of engineers, specialists and supply chain experts

The board of directors

Byron Bennett

CEO, Chairman

Thomas Lee

Director, Lead Investor

Roberto Espriella

Director, CEO Zergratran Colombia

Team members

Luis Florez

SVP Zergratran Colombia

Javier Molina

SVP Zergratran Colombia

Javier Mauricio Leon Ortega

VP Biz Dev Zergratran Colombia

Elizabeth Sullivan

Sr. Director of Global Trade & Regulatory Relations

Martijn Graat

Head of Content

Mathijn Vermeer

Digital / Design

Maduka Chidebelu-Eze

Former Director, First Investor

L Hari Gopal

Former Director, Investor

Robert Bohorad

Former Director, Investor