5 Reasons to Invest in Zergratran NOW

We are on a mission to increase the efficiency of global supply chains while at the same time decreasing its carbon footprint. How do we do that?

We will build new ports on the Pacific and Atlantic sides of Northern Colombia, and we will connect these ports with a tunnel. We will use the tunnel to transport containers from coast to coast. Why a tunnel?

The jungle in Northern Colombia is one of the world’s richest and most biodiverse areas, and we want to keep it that way. A canal or a railway would seriously disrupt nature, so several plans to create those have been shot down. A tunnel will have minimal impact. What’s more, the shipping route we are making is zero-emission. How?

Automated cranes will unload ships on both coasts, and maglev-powered skids will transport the containers through the tunnel. This highly energy-efficient way of transporting goods will be powered by renewable energy sources, like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. 

Why Invest in Our Zero-Emission Shipping Solution?

1. Sustainabilityyou will support the creation of a solution that will reduce the shipping industry’s carbon footprint. Ocean freight makes up 3% of all carbon emissions. Our shipping solution has a positive impact on global supply chains AND the climate.

2. Innovationyou will support innovations in container shipping, from container unloading to sorting to transportation. Our solutions are developed for our first project in Northern Colombia but can be used worldwide.

3. Economic Supportyou will enable the economic development of the South American region. The ports and the tunnel will increase the potential of the region. Local companies will have better access to global markets.

4. Involvementyou will be actively involved, voting on shareholder decisions and helping decide on the future of sustainable shipping. Imagine being a founding shareholder of the Chinese Wall, the Panama Canal, or the New York City subway system. This is your opportunity to be part of one of the world’s most significant infrastructural development projects.

5. Profitthere are no guarantees, but we expect liquidity within 12 months. The first revenue streams will start during construction from product sales (brick, soil, water), followed by renewable energy sales, port and container fees, and, finally, licensing fees for our proprietary crane and maglev technologies. Reg A investors also get one transferable container crossing per $1000 invested.

How We Will Use Your Investment

Zergtratran has already received approval from the Colombian Ministry of Transportation and the National Infrastructure Agency to move forward with the pre-feasibility phase. We will use the current round of Reg A investments to conclude our pre-feasibility studies and patent registrations. These studies include analyzing things like geographical data, economic forecasts, shipping data, and more. We will continue to add experienced advisors and executives with mega-project experience to the team, as well as form strategic partnerships with subcontractors and start engineering our maglev system and automated crane solution.

The investment rounds for feasibility and construction will be based on two high-yield government-backed bond rounds.

Join our revolution and invest now.

About the author:

Martijn Graat

Martijn is Zergratran’s Head of Content. He writes about the latest trends and innovations in logistics and anything related to Zergratran